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UCB Health, Safety, Wellbeing and Environmental Policy

UCB UK and British and Irish Isles (BII) will strive for continual improvement in health, safety, wellbeing and environmental management and performance as part of the organisation’s integrated management system.  UCB is committed to conducting its business in such a manner that it protects the wellbeing of people and preserves the environment.

UCB will achieve best health, safety, wellbeing and environmental practice throughout its activities by:

•    Commitment to being a responsible and environmentally conscientious organisation, preventing injury, ill-health and pollution whilst minimising impact on the environment.

•    Complying with and, where practicable, exceeding applicable legal and other requirements relevant to its operation(s).

•    Use of risk management methodologies to identify Health, Safety and Wellbeing Risks and Environmental Aspects as a means to prioritise our HS&E programmes

•    Integration of HS&E and Wellbeing considerations into our business activities, planning and decision making processes

•    Optimisation of our use of natural resources (energy, water and other raw materials) and minimisation of our wastes. UCB will ensure it fulfils its duty of care obligations with regards to waste.

•    Ensuring that HS&E systems are documented, implemented and maintained

•    Provision of sufficient resources and the internal competencies required to implement this policy and our HS&E programmes

•    Communicating this policy to UCB’s stakeholders and setting and reviewing targets and objectives which, through allocation of resources, seek to achieve continual health, safety, wellbeing and environmental improvement.

•    Ensuring that appropriate competency is provided to staff and relevant stakeholders to warrant  competency in the activities for which they are responsible and  support the delivery of this policy

This policy will be available to all interested parties. UCB will regularly review this policy and ensure that it is fit for purpose and reflects the HS&E objectives of the organisation.