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Applying to UCB UK

We are always interested to hear from talented individuals who think they can make a positive contribution to the UK UCB team. To review our current vacancies list and to apply on-line, please follow this link: Apply on line, then follow the instructions to create or access your account.

We periodically have vacancies in the following areas so please visit the website again if there are currently no vacancies in your field:

Research and development:

  • Chemistry
  • NBE biology
  • Analytical research and development
  • Exploratory development
  • Clinical research
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Partnering and business development

Technical operations and quality:

  • Bioprocess research
  • Bioprocess development and industrialization
  • Quality assurance

Corporate services:

  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Health, safety and environment
  • Legal affairs
  • IT
  • Business development and licensing

In addition, our UK and Ireland affiliate is also based at Slough and may require:

  • Hospital specialist representatives (field-based)
  • Regional business managers (field-based)
  • Healthcare partnership managers (field-based)
  • Brand managers
  • Medical information
  • Pharmacovigilance

For further advice on applying for a job with UCB, or if you have been invited to an interview, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions