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UCB culture and values

Our culture is based on a number of values that underpin our business. All employees are expected to adhere to these values in their daily work:


We develop new medicines that will have a positive impact on the quality of life for our patients. Innovative science is the foundation of everything we do.

Passion for performance

We are passionate about what we do and strive for continuous improvement in our performance.


We constantly strive to produce innovative products, improve patient services and create value for our investors.


We act with integrity and ensure flawless quality in all we do.


We care about patients, customers and people.


We delegate appropriately and expect our people to make sound and timely decisions, report back to team members and be accountable.

Embracing difference

We encourage and respect difference in our organisation.

Patient centricity

Patients are at the heart of what we do at UCB. From early research, through manufacturing to sales force activities, each one of us contributes to the improvement of the lives of people with severe diseases. A number of programmes actively involve patients in our work. We call this Patient Centricity.

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