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Research & Development

UCB has an attractive development pipeline targeting severe diseases where there is significant unmet medical need.

Our focus is on two therapeutic areas: diseases of the central nervous system (CNS), and immunology disorders.

Research at the UK UCB campus

UCB has a long scientific heritage from 1928 to the present day, but our UK and Irish R&D story really begins in 2004, when UCB acquired the UK's largest biotechnology company, Celltech.

To this day the UK remains the global centre for our biotechnology research and development.  And since 2004 UCB has doubled the amount that Celltech spent on R&D firmly placing UCB as one of the UK's leading pharmaceutical R&D investors.

It is a legacy we intend to continue with committed investment in UK R&D.

In 2009, a new biologics R&D centre was opened at the Slough campus. The research hub in Belgium concentrates on CNS therapies while the UK research focus is on immunology. Here, UCB is researching drugs for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and osteoporosis. The site is renowned for its capabilities in antibody-based drug discovery and early development.

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